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Party in Belgrade with the local nightlife & stag weekends specialists. Night-long events on the bank of Danube plus adrenaline activities around Belgrade.

  • Most Popular Partying Destination in Balkan
  • Cosmopolitan Atmosphere of a Vibrant City
  • Prices up to 60% bellow Western Europe levels
  • University-city with Many Young People
  • Dozens of Clubs from Mainstream & Pop to Turbo-Folk

Belgrade City Guide

Belgrade City Guide

Experiencing everything from the Ottoman rule to serving as the capital of Yugoslavia there is a lot of history to be discovered in the streets of Belgrade.

But once you get enough of admiring the historical architecture of Serbia's capital we have prepared a selection of thrilling activities to entertain you during your Stag weekend.
From Shooting to Go Karting we have all of the classics and much more.

The city of Belgrade has a humid subtropical climate which means there are four seasons and equal precipitation throughout the year.
The temperatures range from above 25°C in the summer to about 1°C in the winter.

With about 1.7 million people living in its metropolitan area the city is home to about a quarter of the total population of Serbia.
This means you won't be bored even for a moment in this wild city.

Belgrade Nightlife

Belgrade Nightlife

Serbians definitely know how to party. It's time to head out into the streets of Belgrade and find out if your group will be able to keep up with the locals.

In this city you can find vibrant nightlife any day of the week during all months of the year. Simply put when you are in the mood to party there definitely is a place for you in the Serbian capital.

The clubs are divided into winter clubs - indoor clubs in the city center which are usually open from September to May, and summer clubs - floating clubs anchored at the riverbank that are open during the summer months.

The mainstream clubbing venues usually play electronic or techno music or the unique locally popular turbo-folk which blends Serbian folk music with other genres.

Belgrade Practical Tips

Belgrade Practical Tips

There are multiple non-stop flights from London directly to Belgrade each day and they take less than 3 hours.

That means it won't be long before you can enjoy the local fruit brandy called rakija. It comes in many types, such as Šljivovica (plum brandy) or Kajsijevača (apricot brandy) so each of you can choose their favorite.
But beware the alcohol content is usually around 40% or higher.

Another locally-produced favorite is Pelinkovac, a bitter herbal liqueur based on wormwood similar to Jägermeister with an alcohol content of about 28-35%.

The official language of the country is Serbian and the local currency is the Serbian dinar.

Some useful words you might need include:

- "Zdravo" = hello
- "Doviđenja" = goodbye
- "Molim vas" = please
- "Hvala" = thank you
- "Jedno pivo molim vas" = One beer please
- "Ja ne govorim srpski" = I don't speak Serbian


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